The Old School Gallery


Terms and Conditions of Exhibiting


     The Old School Gallery will be referred to as OSG.


  1. All work submitted for display must be original artwork, and will be subject to selection by OSG, this may include size restrictions in some cases.

  2. Each exhibitor will be limited to a maximum of 6 framed exhibits unless prearranged with OSG.

  3. Each exhibitor will be limited to 8 unframed exhibits, unless prearranged with OSG. These must be mounted and wrapped in a clear cellophane bag. Unframed box canvas's will be classed as framed.

  4. All exhibitors will be asked to complete a display card, provided by OSG, stating the title, artists name, medium of work, the price and contact details.

  5. A Consignment sheet will be completed on delivery of exhibits to OSG. This will set out the details of the exhibitor and their work. This sheet will be signed by the exhibitor and OSG and the exhibitor will be given a copy. This document will be deemed as a contract between OSG and the exhibitor.

  6. No commission on sales will be taken by OSG.

  7. The position of hanging exhibits within the gallery is entirely at the discretion of OSG.

  8. Exhibits must be changed every 8 weeks.

  9. OSG will not accept liability for loss or damage to any exhibits. Exhibitors must arrange their own insurance cover.

  10. All payments must be made in advance on a monthly basis.

  11. OSG reserves the right to withdraw any exhibit at any time and will inform the exhibitor in these circumstances. The exhibitor will be reimbursed or any outstanding costs.

  12. Any exhibitor withdrawing their work from the gallery before their contract has expired, will forfeit any outstanding payments.

  13. Upon a sale of an exhibit, OSG will inform the exhibitor within 48 hours and all payments will be completed within 28 days.

  14. OSG reserve the right to take photographs of the exhibits for publicity use, however the copyright will remain the property of the exhibitor.

  15. Any costs incurred by OSG by the selling of an exhibit will be passed on to the exhibitor.



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